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This Works So Much Better Than Ordinary Pick Up Lines?
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I remember when I was in middle school I was talking to my older cousin, who had WAY more experience with women than me at the time.

He told me “If you ever want to get laid, you either have to have good looks, or game.”

After this I believed for years that I needed to be a smooth talker to get in a woman’s pants…

I’m not the best looking guy out there, I’m pretty average looking if you ask me. 

And SOMETIMES I have game.

But I don’t really consider myself witty, and I don’t always know what to say…

That being said, I’m still living a more fulfilling love life than I ever thought I could have.

Why is that?

It’s because of non-verbal communication.

The vast majority of my “game” has nothing to do with the actual words coming out of my mouth.

I use my eye contact to get women’s attention. 

I use my body language to non-verbally demonstrate my confidence. 

And I use my touch to seduce her…

You see only about 7% of communication is verbal. 

The actual words that come out of your mouth aren’t that important.

Other factors like eye contact, and body language are a much bigger deciding factor if a woman is going to sleep with you or not.

If you haven’t been leveraging your non-verbal communication skills in your game, then I suggest you start, because it makes such a massive difference.

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Do women chase you?

Do they ask YOU for your phone number?

Initiate the kiss?

Or even take you by the hand, and pull you into the bedroom so the two of you can be all over each other, like a hobo on a ham sandwich?

If you want her to make the first move you have to seduce her

Like PHYSICALLY turn her on, and get her wet…

And you don’t get this done with smooth pick up lines.

You do it with your touch….

A few summers ago I was travelling around South America and I quickly realized how different the dating scene is down there.

It was completely normal to have sex after a first date. 

It was totally okay for a woman to sleep with a man she had just met that night.

Other women didn’t negatively judge women who did so, like many women do here in America.

But why was this?

It’s not like South American women are extra slutty

South American men aren’t jaw droppingly good looking.

And it’s not like they were the smoothest people on the planet either…

But I did notice one major difference.

South American men are VERY touchy…

I ended up picking up this touching habit, and I noticed a major difference how flirty the women became in exchange, and I was barely able to speak the language.

And when I came back to the States?

I didn’t change much, except how much I touched, and the results were RIDICULOUS…

Women were VERY eager to jump into bed with me after a first date, and there was practically no resistance when I asked a woman to come back home with me for a night cap, after just meeting them that night.

As a matter of fact many of these women made the first move on me…

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Yours Truly

Jack Grave


Supernatural Seduction Review


Get A New Girl Tonight

Get A New Girl Tonight Review


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