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Is She Looking To Get Laid?
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This past weekend I had a guys night out with a couple of friends, and before we all go out one guy clinked his glass, got someone to put the music down, and made a toast.

Here’s to getting laid tonight!

There were about 4 or 5 of us, we were all pumped, in a good mood, and ready to party and meet some women.

Some of my buddies did great.

Some of them got a bunch of phone numbers.

Some of them made out with a girl or two…

But I was the only guy who went home with a girl.

And I did it in under an hour.


I’m not telling you this to brag.

I’m sharing this with you for two reasons.

Reason Number 1: To teach you that some women do indeed go cruising for some action.

Reason Number 2: There is a major flaw in how most guys approach the idea of meeting women.

You see my buddies aren’t bad with women.

They’re great, and they did great that night…

And while they were funny, witty, and entertaining, they missed one giant aspect of meeting women…

Non-Verbal Communication…

When you take advantage of non-verbal signals (like eye contact, touch, body language, etc.) not only are you coming off as a more attractive man…

BUT you can also look for non-verbal signals that tell you if a woman wants some action tonight!

That’s what I did, and I had an amazing night because of it!

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Seize the day…


PS: Turn Her On With This Stealthy Technique
seduce her with silence review pdf download by manish leone


Sometimes I’m in the situation where I want to sleep with a woman, but it’s a bad idea to openly just hit on her.

Like a co-worker.

Or a classmate.

So what do I do?

I get her to chase me…

I’m still putting the moves on her, but I’m doing it in a very subtle way.

Over time I slowly turn her on more and more.

Without any compliments, without telling her I’m interested, and without using any obvious flirting.

All I use is my touch…

I start off with a few subtle, and very innocent touches, in “innocent” spots, for short periods of time.

Soon she’ll be more comfortable with me touching her.

Next thing you know it’s okay to touch her in more sensitive areas, for longer periods of time, and she gets a little turned on everytime I do it.

Now she’s chasing me, touching me back, asking for my number, and trying to get me to go out with her.

The best part is that looking from the outside in, it doesn’t look like I’ve done a thing…

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manish leone stealth attraction review pdf download

Yours Truly

Jack Slade


Silent Seduction Review

Seduce With Silence Review

Silent Seduction Review


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